The opportunity to build a Dream house from the ground up was recently presented to us and we snatched it up. The land is located in Mount Washington/Glassell Park , an up and coming neighborhood, with outrageous unobstructed views.

It comes with Ready-to-Issue Approved Plans, so we can start with the pylons and foundation right away.

More details are listed on the Subscription Agreement, so please read up on it.

This is a photo from the street, but picture yourself on one of your balconies sipping a glass of vino, enjoying a beautiful day. This is a beautiful view that a lucky homeowner will get to enjoy.

3663 Kinney Architect Rendering

Above is the Architect’s rendering of the Kinney project.

Below is the land plot before we broke ground.

3663 Kinney land plot

Ok, time for an update on the building progress of this project.

After we receive approvals from the city, we start grading the slope. The crew begins building the caissons so we can cement them into the ground. They pour the foundation around the caissons so the structure will be anchored. Next we start constructing the first floor out of cinder blocks and rebar, this is a long task. Once complete, we move onto framing the second floor.

We had some hold ups with all the rain that we received. You can imagine on a steep hillside it caused us some problems. We covered the construction, once it passed we went back to work. See more photos of the framing going up, installing electrical and water components.

With almost all the framing done, we finally get to start installing the windows. The crew erects a lot of scaffolding around the entire house so they can start installing. When we visited, it looked like a big job. Plus it’s been pretty windy in the area. The inspector has to come and sign off on the windows before we can move forward.

Framing and prep work is complete, we are ready for stucco

Kinney stucco applied

Now we are ready for the balconies and work on the interior.

Here is the house all dressed up.  We hired a professional staging company to furnish the house and give the buyer an idea how to decorate.

We also hired a top notch photographer, who took these stunning photos of the finished house.
For information on his portfolio, please visit his site.  We highly recommend his services

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Kinney Living Room
Kinney Living Room and Dining

This build project turned out magnificent!  Buyers were stopping by on a regular basis during the process.
Our investors have had a really good run with this project.  It took a long time, meaning more interest for the investors, to complete due to the city requiring extras and a widening of the street.

Kinney build project finished


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Kinney project built